Sailing in Thailand



Read more about sailing in Thailand with Patrice III

Patrice has 10 bunks, but is more comfortable for families up to 6 people.

In periodes Patrice III will be operating in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and tha Andamen Sea.

The area around Phuket – The Andaman sea, contains thousands of islands, bays and lagoons with crystal clear water,with visability op to 50 m and a watertemperature around 25-29 C, Beautiful coral formations with many trobical fishes and lagoons with white sandy beaches, framed with tall coconut palms. It is surely one of the world’s most beautiful and perfect areas for cruising.

The diving in the area is on the top ten list for The best diving of the world. The Phang-nga area is famous for its beauty and spectacular scenery, with islands soaring straight out of the water, the caves and tunnels with hongs, which are lagoons inside islands, are only passable in a rubber dinghy at low tide. Patrice has an Avon rubber dinghy with a hard bottom and a 15 hp outboard for sailing in these areas.

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